Welcome to Three Points of Contact, the third iteration! I suppose I could place a bit of spin on it and call it Three Points of Contact: Remastered.

I’ve said it before, but it’s incredibly hard to write a travel blog if you’re stuck in one place for a long time. I’ve been working and saving and preparing for a day that’s coming very soon. Consider this post the grand announcement that I’ll be travelling once again!

You’re excited, right? Be excited. Please?

After a few years of retail drudgery and resume-padding/rebuilding, I’ve decided that enough is enough. I can’t do another retail Christmas. I can’t do another Canadian winter. I need the tug of a pack on my back, the free and liberating sense of being lost, the pull of the curiosity of what’s around the next corner or in my meal.

On October 20th, slightly over two months away, I’ll be flying one way to Dublin, Ireland. From there I’ll be filming and writing about the budget travel lifestyle, with the obvious hook of doing that with a disability. I’ll cover things from meeting people, eating well in hostel kitchens, the bizarre quirks of international transit, language and cultural differences, and much more. I’d expect a few slurred alcohol and pub reviews, if I’m honest. Because, for you people, I’ll put my body, my self-respect, and my liver on the line. I just care about you that much.

Remember that part up there where I said I’d be filming things? I’m not a liar. I’ll film things, and I already have! At youtube.com/threepointsofcontact you can follow my nonsense in an easy-to-digest form, without all the hassle of actually having to read anything! I’m planning on filming a video, then expanding on the subjects touched upon therein on my blog.

To give you a rough idea of what you can expect, my influences include Backpackers (I urge you to learn more about these guys, they’re easily my biggest inspiration), Departures, and a heap of other travel series. Also, the Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter channels have been hugely responsible for my lean towards a YouTube presence. I’ll cover my comedy heroes in another post, though. It’s still too soon after Robin left us.

Pardon my dust over the next week or two. I’m switching domain hosts and handling backend things aren’t really my strong point. Luckily I have an excellent IT department (cheers Kevin!) who is unquestionably patient with me.

Because today, August 13th, is a wholly unremarkable day in pretty well every respect, I’m claiming it in the name of adventure, comedy, travel, and sandwiches.

Welcome back to Three Points of Contact, and expect heaps of content soon. I truly appreciate your support and patience, and I promise that it’s been well worth the wait. I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited for something in my whole life.

See you on the road.

This is not even my final form!

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