Dan Barra-Berger

Dan was bornBit of a windy day on the Iles de Frioul, Marseille, France and raised in a farm town in Southern Ontario, Canada. He attended university for English and college for print journalism. Travel was always an important part of his life, and having a large portion of his family in France, his family went often to visit. At 16 he and his father drove from Amsterdam to Marseille, Dan’s first highway driving experience. His first experience backpacking was four months in 2008, travelling with another person from England to Italy and back by train, car, and bus. However, at the end of that year, his vision degraded severely and put further travel plans on hold.

He’d lost the vision in his left eye at age seven from a retinal detachment due to a playground accident. He was still able to drive and perform daily tasks as anyone else could, albeit with altered depth perception. In late 2008 the vision in his right eye started to deteriorate from a second detachment with no logical cause. After three years of rehabilitation and recovery from depression, Dan decided to take his life back through travel. In 2012 he created the foundation of Three Points of Contact, and over the course of seven months’ solo travel (during which he met Tyler), the framework was laid out and you’re viewing the result.

Currently, Dan is living in Toronto, Ontario, and is planning new adventures.


Tyler Fitzpatrick

Eating cheese and saying please. Hitchhiking out of Seville.Tyler is the co-host and cameraman for Three Points of Contact.

He was born in the British Virgin Islands to an English father and a Canadian mother, making him a tri-citizen (Dan’s edit: at least until Brexit…).  He left his home in Victoria, British Columbia at 19 to backpack solo.  Initially, he was gone for 5 months, but the road was calling him back. After a short time at home in Canada, he returned to Europe for more adventures. He eventually landed a job as a bartender in Lyon, France. By that point he’d been wandering for over a year through 12 countries.  He later moved back to Canada, settling in Ontario.  There, he started to notice some significant health problems. 

He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in September 2014.  It wasn’t great news and it got him down for a while.  After picking up a serious case of the travel bug, he was concerned that this would ruin his dreams of travelling long term once again.  Instead of playing the victim, he committed myself to learn as much as he could and try to keep his health issues under check.  He altered his already healthy diet, started taking supplements to aid in his recovery and had blood tests done – only to find out that he had many food intolerances he was unaware of.  This most recent trip was his first long term trip since his diagnoses, and he is determined not to let his health get in the way of seeing the world.

Currently, Tyler lives and works in the British Virgin Islands.

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