Hello there. I’m alive and well. I dearly hope the situation is the same for you.

If you’re dead, you can’t be reading this. It’s not for ghosts.

If you’re unwell, get some Buckley’s and wipe your nose. You look terrible. And if other people use your computer, wipe down the keyboard, okay, Typhoid Mary?

If you’re undead, shut up. Zombies are stupid.

Anyhow, hello. I’m sorry I’ve not updated recently. I truly appreciate the readership and support. But this blog was a test. A trial. I know how and what to do now. I’ll still update – soon! – but I’m working towards a bigger goal, now. I can’t explain what just yet, but I will drop that knowledge once I’ve got everything in place.

And no, the big surprise plan isn’t to go out travelling again. That one goes without saying.

I’ll be tweaking the blog and it may break here and there. If that happens, let me know! Cheers.

Thanks again for reading.


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