This blog has seen some neglect in the past several months, and for that we apologize. Yes, I said we. That is because your beloved author and creator of Three Points of Contact, Dan, has taken on a partner.

Hi, my name is Tyler Fitzpatrick, the new co-host and cameraman of the Three Points of Contact Channel. I am excited to announce our new and improved video series. Presenting…

Traveling Blind!

Traveling Blind is a series in which Dan and I travel the world to show you what it’s really like to travel long term on a budget. More importantly, we will reveal what it’s like to travel with a disability, all the challenges it entails and that despite these obstacles it is entirely possible.
For those of you familiar with this blog and channel, the message will mostly be the same. The difference this time around is that we have invested much more time and money into the video production side of things. Also, as Dan quickly realized, it’s not easy to make footage for a YouTube channel and hold a cane at the same time. I’m hopping on board, not only to help with filming but also to be a co-host to allow for more human interaction and one on one dialogue.

If this is your first visit to this site check out the about me page.

We are each going to have cameras for filming video logs and day to day experiences while on the road. Think “The Long Way Round” except without the motorbikes and the vision (and Ewan McGregor’s hair, which is always miraculously perfect, even after hours of riding with a helmet). We’ll be roughing it quite a bit and using resources like and ride sharing programs not only to save money but to interact with the locals and see a more authentic side to our destinations.

Just look at it
Just look at it

We’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund this project. If you’re looking to help please check it out. If you can’t afford to or aren’t willing to make a pledge, even a simple share would be extremely appreciated.


We’re thrilled to be heading on the road again and hope that Traveling Blind will succeed in inspiring wannabe adventurers to finally pack their bags and go. This channel will break down preconceptions that travel is out of reach, and show you the extent of possibilities that vagabonding holds.

Announcing Travelling Blind